Tao On The World Wide Web

Welcome to Web-Tao.com

Welcome to Web-Tao.com! 🙂  I just got this site online fully today, minus of course any content…well, that is about to change right now, with my first official post…

For years now I’ve been wanting to build a web site to pass on my knowledge of web developing and living a balanced life with disabilities (I am physically disabled), but have never had the time to do it. Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time working on client’s websites running WordPress. I eventually realized I could create a nice looking, feature-rich, and secured web site online rather quickly in my spare time (it took about 24 hours from start to finish). Not only was it a quick web site to build because of using WordPress, but I also can add new security patches / upgrades / features / pages / blog posts, and even new web code examples very quickly and easily as well. So I finally sat down and did it, and here it is! 🙂

I guess the biggest reason behind this site is I myself have learned so very much on the internet over the past 15 years, I want to return the favor. I literally learned everything I know about web developing from web sites like this one (at least what I hope it will be like very soon). I now am certified in many different coding languages, and have built up a reputation and base of customers that earns me income working from home.

Another reason is being physically disabled since 1996 has taught me a lot about adapting to living a new way of life, to overcome obstacles while having significant limitations you have to learn to live with. I’ve always wanted to pass this experience on as well…which if you ask me also includes a lot of general wisdom anybody can use, because a lot of the talent needed to get by as a disabled individual really is just that: plain old-fashioned wisdom.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new web site, I should have it populated with some decent amounts of cool content by the beginning of this May 2013. I will be including a lot of web tutorials on building web sites in different coding languages, and a lot of articles related to balancing out daily living related to diet, exercise, pastimes, and mental and physical disabilities. I hope you find the web site to be an enjoyable and informative pit-stop when you are surfing the World Wide Web! 🙂