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OMG – Amazing Race Footage

    Oh my god, this race footage of Sébastien Loeb breaking the old time record of the Pike’s Peak run in 2013 will leave you breathless! I have no more words to describe it except WOW!                Continue reading

My Brushless RC Truck With HD Camera

I wanted to shoot HD video on board my RC Trucks when I was racing them around, and I had heard about how RC Aircraft folks liked the 808 #16 Keychain Cameras from China. After waiting awhile to squeeze it into my budget I finally gave in and bought a slightly newer reputable model, the 808 #20 HD keychain camera on eBay (from recommended seller ‘bestdvr’). When the camera arrived, I figured I had to protect it pretty good when I crashed it (lol, which is often), especially since it’s a bit on the expensive side. I bought some Tic-Tacs…Continue reading

Dolphins Swimming In Front Of Speedboat Saying Hello

I was working on a website for a Kayaking Safari business based out of New Zealand a few months back. Part of the work I was doing was embedding their Youtube videos to be compatible with iPads and iPhones, when I came across this video they took of Dolphins chasing after them in their speedboat. Dolphins are so cool, I love them! 🙂Continue reading