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Awesome Way To Refill A Swiffer WetJet Bottle

The other day I was wondering: How can I refill a Swiffer WetJet bottle? Not only did I want to save money not having to buy refills, but being able to choose whether to use a chemical-based cleaner or just plain water really appealed to me.

I googled “swiffer wetjet refillable“, but all I found were articles on boiling the cap in water to remove it…and people were talking about how it leaked afterwards. So I got to thinking, why not try making a hole in the top, and plug it with a rubber stopper / cork?

I went on ebay, and narrowed down my search on eBay and Amazon to “000 rubber stopper” as the size I was looking for. Then I had to figure out how to make a perfectly round hole in the top of an old refill bottle. Being physically disabled, I already had a bit of experience reshaping plastic with very little muscle using a soldering iron:

2013-03-25 20.51.23

So, I heated up the soldering iron and pushed directly down on the top center of the bottle…after the soldering iron had heated up enough, it started slowly sinking into the plastic, burning a perfectly round hole. I pushed down until it swallowed the entire narrowest part of the iron, and a tiny bit of the larger upper section. I then quickly removed the iron, and inserted a rubber stopper immediately as far as I could push in into the hole. I unplugged the iron and waited a few minutes for the plastic to completely cool, then I removed the rubber stopper. This process created a perfectly round hole to reuse the bottle with! 🙂 I filled up the bottle through the new hole, put the plug back in as far as it would go, and I was ready to rock. I was even able to tip it completely upside-down and no leaks! Awesome! 🙂