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This is the personal Blog of Mike Kilday, owner of DragonFrugal.com Web Developing. I enjoy sharing my experiences here on this web site. I share tutorials and articles on web coding on my business blog, and mine and other’s findings and insights related to everyday living that I’ve come across on the web, and in other areas of my life, on this blog.

After becoming physically disabled after a bad accident in 1996, within about a year and a half I had bought a computer and started creating web site code by hand in a text editor. Over 15 years later, I’ve made a pretty good living creating, fixing, and revising / upgrading web sites for customers while working from home. I have since switched to a software-vendor-only business model, and now exclusively create in-house web based applications to release to the public. Everything I learned was from free tutorials and articles on the web, so I enjoy returning the favor as best I can by passing on this talent myself.

Besides being a web developer, I have also been a member of the Taoist religion since 1995. As a Taoist, I have devoted a lot of time to balancing out all the aspects of my life (as much as humanly possible, lol :)). Between being physically disabled and being a Taoist, I have come across quite a few rough experiences in life that I have adapted to pretty well drawing on my religious beliefs. Taoist religious beliefs generally are more like a collection of simple yet wise proverbs anyone can use, as opposed to following a typical religious doctrine that really doesn’t suit every individual. There are no dos and don’ts in Taoism, only words of sages of past and present generally saying not much more than “look here at this interesting path in life”. So besides enjoying passing on my talent as a web developer, I also enjoy sharing my daily life’s experiences and insights too.

I hope you find my web sites interesting. Please feel free to contact me on the contact page, follow me on the social networks, or post comments at the bottom of any article.

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