Tao On The World Wide Web

March, 2013

Dolphins Swimming In Front Of Speedboat Saying Hello

I was working on a website for a Kayaking Safari business based out of New Zealand a few months back. Part of the work I was doing was embedding their Youtube videos to be compatible with iPads and iPhones, when I came across this video they took of Dolphins chasing after them in their speedboat. Dolphins are so cool, I love them! 🙂Continue reading

Awesome Way To Refill A Swiffer WetJet Bottle

The other day I was wondering: How can I refill a Swiffer WetJet bottle? Not only did I want to save money not having to buy refills, but being able to choose whether to use a chemical-based cleaner or just plain water really appealed to me. I googled “swiffer wetjet refillable“, but all I found were articles on boiling the cap in water to remove it…and people were talking about how it leaked afterwards. So I got to thinking, why not try making a hole in the top, and plug it with a rubber stopper / cork? I went on…Continue reading

Welcome to Web-Tao.com

Welcome to Web-Tao.com! 🙂  I just got this site online fully today, minus of course any content…well, that is about to change right now, with my first official post… For years now I’ve been wanting to build a web site to pass on my knowledge of web developing and living a balanced life with disabilities (I am physically disabled), but have never had the time to do it. Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time working on client’s websites running WordPress. I eventually realized I could create a nice looking, feature-rich, and secured web site online…Continue reading